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Woundgard Antiseptic Spray For Pet 50ml

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Wound Gard for dogs and cats is a special wound repair formula for faster and better healing. The antifungal spray aids in the treatment for wounds, cuts, abrasions and other skin conditions. The antiseptic formulation prevents wound infection and helps in faster healing process. With the bitterant agent, the spray aids in controlling self-mutilation and prevents further wound infection. Wound-Gard allows to repair wounds faster and restoring your canine and feline to full health.

This easy-to-use spray bottle is safe for dogs and cats.

Nutritional Info


Chlorhexidine (di)gluconate 10 g/l, Denatonium benzoate 200 mg/l , Eucalyptus oil 10 ml/l , Menthol 5 g/l , Phenoxyethanol 20 ml/l.