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Temptations (MARS)

Temptations Creamy Puree Maguro & Scallop Tuna Lickable Cat Treats (48g)

Temptations Creamy Puree Maguro & Scallop Tuna Lickable Cat Treats (48g)

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Treat time is your cat’s favorite time of day. Make it even more purrrr-fect with TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree Lickable Cat Treats. These irresistibly creamy cat treats deliver the delicious Maguro & Scallop Tuna  taste cats love in the perfectly soft texture they can’t get enough of! Serve in a bowl for a daily cat snack, give by hand for playful bonding, or use as an extra-special cat food topper to make their mealtime even more fun… the possibilities are endless! Plus, these lickable cat treats come in a single-serve pouch for convenience and less mess… Just open, squeeze, and serve! Whether your cat is an adult or senior, we’re paw-sitive they’ll enjoy the delectable taste of TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree Maguro & Scallop Tuna  Lickable Cat Treats!



  • Made with Real Fish that bolsters the health of all cats
  • Scrumptious Maguro & Scallop Flavour tempts all breeds
  • Excellent to be used as a Topper to make the meals more delicious
  • Easy to open, squeeze and serve



    Feed 1-2 pouches daily per 10 lbs of cat body weight as a treat or with your cat's regular meal

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