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Royal Canin Mini Exigent Dry Dog Food 3kg

Royal Canin

Complete dog feed for adult Mini dogs - over 10 months old. Tailored formula to please those individsuals with even the most fussiest of appetites


Satisfies the fussy appetite of small dogs thanks to carefully selected aromas and a combination of crunchy and soft kibble textures.


This formula contains nutrients that help support a healthy skin and coat (patented complex and borage oil). Enriched with EPA & DHA.


Effectively helps reduce tartar and plaque deposits thanks to the addition of calcium chelation agents.

For fussy, small dogs (up to 10kg) over 10 months old who select their food based on its aroma, texture and how it feels in their mouth.

Your dog's nutritional needs change over time, feed your dog accordingly and always remember to have clean, fresh water available for your dog at all times.

Nutritional Info


Borage oil (0.1%)

Guaranteed Analysis

Vitamin D3 (800 IU)Zinc (175 mg)Manganese (58 mg)Ferrous (45 mg)Vitamin A (29.700 IU)Copper (9 mg)Iodine (4.5 mg)Pentasodium triphosphate (3.5 g)Omega-fatty acid (2.5 g)Selenium (0.09 mg)Poultry protein Preservatives FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) animal fat Minerals Animal protein hydrolysed Cod liver oil Dried beet pulp Lignocellulose Corn flour Vegetable protein isolate Rice Wheat middlings Antioxidants

Crude protein 30%
Crude fat 22%
Crude ash 4.1%
Omega 6 fatty acids 2.88%
Crude fiber 2.7%
Calcium 0.71%
Potassium 0.7%
Phosphorus 0.62%
Omega 3 fatty acids 0.59%
Magnesium 0.05%

Feeding Instructions

Body weight

No exercise

Exercise < 1 hr/day

Exercise > 1 hr/day

2 kg

38 g

44 g

50 g

3 kg

51 g

59 g

67 g

4 kg

63 g

73 g

83 g

5 kg

75 g

87 g

99 g

6 kg

86 g

99 g

113 g

7 kg

96 g

112 g

127 g

8 kg

107 g

123 g

140 g

9 kg

116 g

135 g

153 g

10 kg

126 g

146 g

166 g

Customer Reviews

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Royal canin fussy appetite

It’s pretty good. My dog who has a fussy appetite is taking some time to get used to the food but she is reaching towards her food on her own without coaxing. My other dogs want the food as well! It smells so good.

Superam Maniam
Royal Canin Mini Exigent Dry Dog Food 3kg

Royal Canin Mini Exigent Dry Dog Food 3kg
roduct. My dog really loves it.