Petzlife Oral Care Gel Original Flavour 4oz


Dental health is critical to your dogs overall well-being, and PetzLife revolutionary periodontal program is a healthy, holistic approach to oral care . The all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. No toothbrush required

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Distilled water, grain alcohol, wild salmon oil, xanthan, gum, peppermint oil, grape fruit seed extract, grape seed extract, thyme oil, neem oil.


Applying either the Spray or Gel twice a day to start out for the first week or two is best to get a good start at breaking down the plaque and tartar and healing the gums. Then, using it daily until you notice that the teeth and gums are healthy again. After a couple of months you should see that most everything is cleared off and you can start the maintenance program 1-3 times per week, this varies with each animal so don't give up if you are not seeing the results!

* First month-- if you have a pet with heavy plaque and tarter build-up we recommend applying first thing in the morning and again in the evening. PetzLife gel will be mixing with your pet's saliva and the natural ingredients will coat all surfaces of your pet's mouth. You will start noticing positive changes after just one week. If applying with a brush, a "soft" or finger brush is recommended. Note: The brushing action removes the plaque and tartar that has been softened by the ingredients in PetzLife gel and spray.

This is why we say, Spray for ease, brush for faster results. 

* For best results, withhold food and water 30 minutes before and after application.

* After a short time you should notice that the area at the gum-line is now free from plaque and the gums are looking healthier. This is a very important step because harmful bacteria is now blocked from entering your pet's bloodstream. You can now reduce to one application per day.

* After 30 days when most or all of the build-up has been removed you can reduce to one application every 2nd or 3rd day. Your pet's plaque and tartar should not return with this recommended usage. You should also have noticed that your pet's breath has become much fresher.