Pets Own Milk (2 Sizes)

Pets Own


Lactose free! Formulated to give a balance of energy and nutrition for dogs and cats, this milk is great for dogs and cats who may be suffering from poor digestion and upset stomachs. Loaded with calcium, this milk will support good bone density naturally without any calcium additives. It's only got the good stuff inside!

Pets Own Milk supports good eye sight and the development of joints. Not only is it 100% Lactose free, it contains absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It can be served as a treat or an in-between drink. Don't substitute this milk with fresh clean water, instead offer it to your pet as an alternative. Feeding your dog or cat Pets Own Milk is a great way to add more fluid into their diets, which is beneficial for pets who are eating predominantly dry food.

Each carton is conveniently packed in Tetra Pak Long Life packs. It can be stored in the pantry until opening, after which it should be fridged and consumed between 12-14 days. Rest assured, Pets Own is 100% Australian owned and operated. Happy owners of animals on Pets Own Milk have raved about the consistency of the product and value for money. Pets Own Milk is so good it is used by Vet clinics and Zoos, as well as you at home with your little animal.