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Orozyme Oral Hygiene Gel For Pet (70g)


Orozyme Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste is a true veterinary toothpaste, achieves results without brushing your pets teeth. Whilst brushing the teeth is known to be the most effective means of removing plaque, this is not always possible. Logic oral hygiene gel contains a multi enzyme complex which works on the plaque helping to destroy existing plaque and prevent the formation of new plaque. The gel also contains a mild abrasive, whilst the gel itself boosts the action of saliva. Supplied in a tube with applicator to allow direct application to the teeth.


  • six enzymes boost natural saliva enzymes
  • two antibacterial agents fight oral bacteria
  • sticky formula keeps active ingredients in contact with teeth and gums, maximising their effects
  • mildly abrasive to break down existing plaque and tartar whilst slowing down the formation of new plaque
  • malty flavour tastes great
  • can be used with or without a toothbrush
  • suitable for dogs and cats.
  • When to use it