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Newflands Hoki Fish Oil for Dog (2 Sizes)


Unique fish oil high in Omegas that is from sustainably fished stock around the pristine waters of New Zealand.

A lovely golden liquid which is easily digested when pumped over your pets’ food. 

It all started in New Zealand when one of Fiona’s Newfoundlands, Rosie, was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Fiona is a Newfoundlands breeder and trained veterinary nurse; she read about fish oils and their benefits, and thought it could help Rosie’s condition.


  • Hoki Fish only found in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Hoki is sustainable it is fished under a quota system that is
  • government regulated and monitored and it is also monitored independently by the MSC.
  • The MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council which is an independent research based organization that helps look after the worlds’ oceans and supports fisheries to be sustainable.

How to catch wild Hoki Fish?

  • Hoki Fish is caught using precision harvesting and NOT traditional trawling method.
  • It will ensure better fish quality with no damage and fresh when caught.
  • NZ currently is the only country
  • that invented this method.

Benefits of Hoki fish oil:

  • Offers higher omega value than wild salmon oil.
  • It helps to maintain pet well-being, strengthen immune system.
  • It able to help on support treatment of Arthritis, itchy flaky or scratchy skin conditions as well as heart problems.
  • Newflands Hoki Oil contains 66% more Omega-3 than other fish oil
  • It contains higher EPA and DHA compared to other fish oil products

Nutritional Info


Hoki oil, Species Macruronus Novaezelandiae, EPA 62mg/ml, DHA 105 mg/m


For daily dosage recommendations:

  • Small breed dog - 1 pump
  • Medium breed dog - 1 to 2 pump
  • Large breed dog (25 kg and above) - 3 to 4 pumps

This product can be increased with no side effects but may increase speed of results.

1 pump = 2ml ( each pump delivers DHA 210 mg and EPA 124mg)

Weight (kg) Pumps EPA DHA
< 5 kg 1 124mg 210mg
5 - 10 kg 2 248mg 420mg
10 -20 kg 3 372mg 630mg
> 20 kg 4 496mg 840mg

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