Natruse Yummy Meat Ball - Egg Yolk 40g

Natruse Yummy Meat Ball - Egg Yolk 40g


Natruse Yummy Meat Ball - Egg Yolk 40g

  • A complete Pet Food, Made With Real Meats & Vegetables
  • 80% Meats, 10%Veggies, 10%Nutritional Supplements
  • 4 Healthy & Delicious Recipes (Egg Yolk, Hawthorn, Seaweed, Cheese)
  • For all Stages & Breeds
  1. Natruse Yummy Meatball Available in 4 Flavor
  2. Egg Yolk:promotes Healthy Eyes&Strong Immune System
  3. Seaweed:High Fiber for Better Digestive System
  4. Hawthorn:Maintain Normal Blood Pressure & Healthy Heart
  5. Cheese:Promotes Muscle & Bone Development
  6. Nutritious & Healthy Pet Training Rewards

Nutritional Info


Product Ingredients

Ingredients : Fresh Chicken, Flour, Pumpkin, Frozen Duck, Carrot, Egg, Fresh Chicken Liver, Broccoli, Seaweed, Soyabean Fiber, Vital Wheat Gluten

Feeding Instructions

Instructions to Use:
Product Feeding Instructions.

Feeding Guide:

  • Puppy and Medium Dog 1-2pc per day
  • Large Dog 2-3pcs per day when feeding your pet always have a bowl of fresh water.
  • A Complete Pet Food,Made With Real Meats & vegetables
  • Fresh Meat Being 1st Ingredients
  • Infused With Fresh Veggies Health Support
  • Additional Nutrition For Your Pets
  • Daily Diet

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Margret Voon

Sorry my poodle does not like it.. I think it is a bit too big for his little mouth.