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JW Pet Hol-Ee Roller Dog Toy (5 Sizes)

  • RM3800
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The durable, chewy, bouncing toy that your dog can't destroy! This 6" diameter ball looks like a honeycomb that's missing its inside! Your dog can roll it, smash it flat, flip it up in the air, play tug of war - virtually anything without breaking it! Made from 100% rubber, the best material for dog chew toys by far.

Available in 5 sizes:

  • Size 3.5 (diameter: 3.5")
  • Size 5 (diameter: 5")
  • Size 6.5 (diameter: 6.5")
  • Size 8 (diameter: 8")
  • Mini Size

Assorted Colours: Item may be in different colour than the image