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Heka (Perromart Brand)

Heka Grain-Free Lamb Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food (1.8kg)

Heka Grain-Free Lamb Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food (1.8kg)

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Heka Pet Food started when we saw a need for healthy pet food that focuses on the healing and well-being of our pets. Heka was the deification of magic and medicine in ancient Egypt. Thanks to Kayla, our resident dog who has food sensitivities, we came to understand the unique healing properties of nature. With Kayla’s journey in mind, we formulated a unique recipe with natural healing herbs and fruits. These carefully selected ingredients not only provide superior nutrition, but also increase the palatability of our recipes with no additional steroids or hormones.

We believe the best way to nurture our pets is by imparting healing through nature. We have achieved this by using only high-quality protein and herbs which allow dogs to thrive, grow and heal. With Heka, every dog can experience the power of nature!


  • Limited ingredients, suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Meat First - Made with 24% Meat Content
  • High content of natural herbs such as Chicory, Nettle, Fennel, Chamomile and Caraway 
  • Lamb is rich in B12 and B3 vitamins, selenium and zinc
  • Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids boost the immune system and improve skin & coat health
  • Hydrolyzed protein reduces the risk of allergies, suitable for dogs with food allergy and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • FEDIAF Certified by European Pet Food Industry 



Nutritional Info


Lamb (20%, frozen), potato flour, lamb protein (16%, dried), potato starch, potato protein, peas (dried), sweet potato (dried), dried beet pulp, poultry fat, tapioca (dried), hydrolyzed protein, herbs (dried, nettle, blackberry leaves, yarrow, fennel, caraway, chamomile blossoms, mistletoe, gentian root, centaury), tomato paste (dried), cranberries (dried), blueberries (dried), yeasts (dried), chicory (dried), yucca (dried).

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 24% Fat content 12% Crude fiber 2.5% & Crude ash 7.9%

Caloric Content = 365kcal / 100g

Feeding Instructions

Food Transition: If you are feeding Heka Pet Food for the first time, please use the 7-day guide below.

For transition, mix 75% of your dog’s current food with 25% of Heka Pet Food for 3 days. Subsequently, 50% of old food and 50% of Heka Pet Food for 2 days. Lastly, 25% of old food and 75% of Heka Pet Food for 2 days.

Thereafter, you may fully convert your dog's diet to Heka Dog Food completely.

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