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Happy Dog (HP Pet Germany)

Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Karibik Dog Dry Food (11kg)

Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Karibik Dog Dry Food (11kg)

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  • Suitable for adult dogs, large breed & digestive health
  • Recommended by vets for food intolerances
  • Selected protein: Fish from sustainable fisheries (MSC)
  • Grain-free and gluten-free

Complete food for all adult dogs with normal energy requirements.

Happy Dog Supreme Caribbean is the grain-free gourmet indulgence made from exclusive raw ingredients derived from the special delicacies of Caribbean cuisine. Delicate salt-water fish from sustainable fisheries and highly digestible potatoes gently pamper your dog. And of course it is gluten-free. Deep-sea fish is the selected and very special protein source.

With its moderate protein and energy content, this tasty recipe relieves the digestion and is very well tolerated by dogs from all breeds with food sensitivities. Valuable Omega-3+6 fatty acids - important for healthy skin and a shiny coat - round off the tropical enjoyment.

    Nutritional Info


    potato flakes* (48%), fish meal from deep-sea fish (18%), potato protein*, sunflower oil, sugar beet molasses (desugared)*, hydrolysed liver, rape-seed oil, apple pomace* (0.8%), sea salt, yeast (extract)*, Yucca Schidigera*. (* dried)

     Feeding Instructions

    Weight Normal requirements For increased energy requirements
    2 kg 45 g 50 g
    3,5 kg 70 g 80 g
    5 kg 90 g 105 g
    7,5 kg 125 g 140 g
    10 kg 150 g 175 g
    15 kg 205 g 240 g
    20 kg 260 g 300 g
    25 kg 305 g 350 g
    30 kg 350 g 405 g
    35 kg 390 g 450 g
    40 kg 430 g 500 g
    45 kg 470 g 550 g
    50 kg 510 g 600 g
    60 kg 590 g 675 g
    70 kg 660 g 760 g
    80 kg 725 g 840 g

    Metabolisable energy: 1510 KJ/100g; 3610 Kcal/kg

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