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Fussie Cat Non-Scented Cat Litter ( 2 Sizes )

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There are a lot of reasons to love Fussie Cat cat litter scoopable, especially for owners who are used to a dusty litter that tracks all over the house. This is one of the best litters on the market today, especially when you consider that the standard litter has always been dusty and messy. This is a major advance for cat owners, giving them the ability to clean up easily, without tracking and without raising dust clouds.

Because this product absorbs so well, it creates a layer of protection that diminishes odors, so odor problems will no longer be an issue. It is also easier on cats than the other brands, and is easy to pour: Just fill your litter box up to about the three inch mark with Fussie Cat cat litter, and it will immediately clump and lock in odors on contact. Your cats will love this litter and so will you.


  • Fussie Cat's cat litter brand is one of the most popular among cat owners because it clumps well and it doesn't track all over the house.
  • Fussie Cat has been perfecting this great formula for a while now, and it is perfect for a single cat or a whole house full of them because of the superb absorbency and odor control, as well as a lot of other great features.