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Fussie Cat Jasmine Cat Litter ( 2 Sizes )

Fussie Cat

It's your perfect choice for your family cat or multi-cat families with superior odor control


  • help with clumping
  • low tracking litter with no mess.
  • prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray.

Customer Reviews

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Fast, cheap & Quality

very good service with best quality

Subaiha Juhari
The delivery was a mess

No name and no address written on the package. In fact, the package wasn’t packed in a box at all. I bought 5 cat litter and they were left just like that at the lobby. Scattered everywhere because there were not packed together. Only my order number was written on one of the bags.

I have been their loyal customer since a few years ago and was very pleased with their service. Only the last deliver was a bit messy. Hope it won’t happen again. But i still love them.

Fussie cat jasmine

My babies love it.....

Best bentonite litter used so far!

We have been trying different kitty litters and chanced upon Fussie Cat while browsing on the website during a sale. We never tried Jasmine-scented litter before, but I'm quite glad we got it. The smell is quite subtle and pleasant, but it controls odor really well. It has great clumping action too, and doesn't soak through much of the litter if left unattended for a day. I bought the other scents in this series too, so I will review those as we start to use them! I ordered this with other items which were delivered later than the promised time frame because of an out-of-stock item, but they did notify me in advance and it arrived soon after the missing item was restocked. My only issue with my order was the cardboard boxes keeping my purchases; they were all crushed beyond recognition and one was even torn, but that could be due to SkyNet's handling when they were preparing for delivery. All my items were in decent condition, save for one that was torn but it wasn't a serious issue because it was a single toy. However, I hope this is something that perromart can look into, because I would be really upset if my pet food or kitty litter was torn, haha!

Oni hatamah man
Good service

Very attentive support crew