Fussie Cat Japanese Soybean Litter Green Tea 7L

Fussie Cat Japanese Soybean Litter Green Tea 7L

Fussie Cat
Fussie Cat Japanese Soybean Litter absorbed three times more moisture than conventional clay litter which is an important factor in odor control. Its superior in absorbency eliminate odor like no other cat litter. Its natural fibers neutralize ammonia odors and control odor longer keeping your home feel fresh and clean.

It is biodegradable and can be composted, incinerated or landfilled. Use as landscape mulch or flush in small quantities.
-Fussie Cat Soybean Litter is 3X Absorbent
-Eliminates odours
-Dust free
-No tracking
-Scoop and flush
-Lasts up to twice as long
-Environmental friendly
-No Pine or Cedar oils and non-toxic (safe if ingested)
-Multiple scents to choose from!

Soybean derivatives

7 liters

Usage Guidelines:
Use as a cat litter. Remove the clumped litter and replace as needed. Maintain at least 3 to 4 inches depth and empty the cat litter once a month.

    Customer Reviews

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    The perfect solution...almost

    I was on the hunt for a track-free cat litter and stumbled upon this brand which known for just that. And true enough, I immediately saw a significant reduction in litter tracks around the house. However, after just a few days or a week of use, the litter breaks down into fine dust (from the cat's shoveling and my cleaning) and the dust gets everywhere and is harder to clean. So instead of visible litter tracks, I now have to deal with almost invisible litter dust. This in turn creates more mess and I'm pretty sure it's detrimental to health if inhaled. So my hunt for that perfect, flushable, track-free cat litter continues..

    Good Product

    Price is ok because got sale and the staff also very friendly