Frontline Spray For Pets (2 Sizes)
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Frontline Spray For Pets (2 Sizes)


Frontline Spray is convenient, highly effective and only needs to be applied once a month to give both flea and tick control to your pet. More vets choose frontline as an effective reliable treatment to rid your pet from fleas and ticks than any other. They trust Frontline products to kill parasites fast and to go on protecting your pet. Frontline Spray is for the prevention of infestations by Fleas and Ticks. Frontline Spray controls infestations of biting lice. Routine treatment is advised to prevent flea infestations.


  • Frontline Spray is a treatment for pets that gives long-lasting protection against fleas, ticks and controls biting lice
  • It is convenient and easy-to-apply, it kills parasites fast and goes on protecting your pet.
  • Frontline kills adult fleas on your pet within 24 hours and keeps your pet protected for up to 5 weeks
  • Within 48 hours ticks are killed, minimising the risk of a tick-borne disease being transmitted to your pet.
FRONTLINE® Spray action durations:

Dogs 60 to 90 days 30 days
Cats 40 days 2 weeks



1. Wear gloves and use the spray in a well ventilated place to treat the animal.

2. Hold the flask upright.

3. Apply FRONTLINE® Spray on your pet's coat brushing him the wrong way in accordance to the recommended dosage:
For the spray 100 ml: 6 spraying/kg, up to 12/kg in case of long hair
For the spray 250ml or 500 ml: 2 spraying/kg, up to 4/kg in case of long hair
The animal must be uniformly wet by the medicine.

4. Rub the animal to favor the contact of FRONTLINE® Spray with the skin.

5. To handle the head of the animal, put FRONTLINE® spray in the palm of your gloved hand, then apply to the delicate zones to be treated. You can handle your pet as usual as soon as the application site is dry.

6. Wait 48 hours before bathing or letting your pet swim.

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Brandon Foo

Wish it came in a bigger size as my dog is big and uses more pump for its size

Frontline spray for pet

Easy to apply. 👍🏻

Pei Yine Lim

Frontline Spray For Pet (2 Sizes)