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Feline Fresh Natural Pine Cat Litter 20lb

Feline Fresh

Pelleted Feline Fresh is made of 100% pure, southern yellow pine pellets which instantly neutralizes ammonia odors and is safe and healthy for our cats and our planet. Feline Fresh Natural Pine Cat Litter utilizes a natural by-product of the lumber industry, Southern Pine wood remnants, and pelletizes the product for maximum performance.


  • Processed pellets are completely clean, sterile, dust-free and healthy
  • No tracking or sticking to your cat's fur or feet
  • Compact pellets are economical
  • Long lasting in the box
  • Veterinarian approved for post-surgery care plus it's environmentally friendly
  • Absorbs 4 Times More Odor-Causing Liquid
  • Flushable, Scoopable, & Biodegradeable
  • Safe, All Natural 100% Pure Pine Pellets
  • No Chemicals or Additives

Nutritional Info


100% Pure Pine Pellets

Guaranteed Analysis

Feeding Instructions

1- PourFeline Fresh® into a litter box covering the bottom with one inch of product. If more than one cat uses the litter box, don't add extra Feline Fresh®, simply change the litter box more often. 

2- Scoop out and flush solid waste daily. Stir litter box to rejuvenate and redistribute the fresh pine scent of Feline Fresh®

3- Empty, clean and refill litter box when all pine pellets have dissolved. Feline Fresh® can be discarded into the compost pile or used as mulch.

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