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Fancy Feast (Purina)

Fancy Feast Royale Tuna Surimi Prawn Broth Cat Wet Food (40g)

Fancy Feast Royale Tuna Surimi Prawn Broth Cat Wet Food (40g)

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Fancy Feast Tuna, Surimi and Prawns Broth

Fancy Feast Tuna, Surimi and Prawns Broth is a highly palatable broth-style cat food made for occasional or supplemental feeding. This flavour delivers a unique Fancy Feast taste experience of tasty tuna, surimi and prawns dressed in a delicious silky broth. This food is part of the Fancy Feast Royale Range, which consists of an extensive array of tasty, mouth-watering flavours. With so many gourmet flavours and textures, even the most fussy eaters will find satisfaction. Tuna, Surimi and Prawns flavour comes in an easy-open pouch with a orange label.

This highly palatable broth is made with tasty tuna, surimi and prawns in rich broth to make a delicious treat that your cat will devour.

This food is recommended for occasional or supplemental feeding only, as it is not labelled as a complete and balanced diet. Feed as a special treat alongside a balanced cat food diet.


  • Tender, tasty chunks of prawn and tuna in a rich seafood broth
  • Highly palatable
  • Can be used to tempt cats with poor appetite
  • Available in an array of other delicious flavours for all fussy eaters

    Nutritional Info


    Fish broth, Tuna whole loin, Imitation crab meat, Shrimp, Fish extract, Thickening agents (Modified tapioca starch, Guar gum, Carrageenan), Vitamin E

    Feeding Instructions

    Weight Daily Feeding (Can)
    Adult Can per 1.4 kilograms of body weight
    Kitten twice of adult cat

    Pregnant or nursing cats may require two to four times their normal feeding.

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