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Fancy Feast Royale Roasted Selection Chicken Cat Wet Food 85g

Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast Royale Roasted Succulent Chicken

Fancy Feast Royale Roasted Succulent Chicken is a highly palatable wet cat food made for occasional or supplemental feeding. This flavour delivers a unique Fancy Feast taste experience of scrumptious roasted chicken dressed in a delicious silky broth. This food is part of the Fancy Feast Royale Range, which consists of an extensive array of tasty, mouth-watering flavours. With so many gourmet flavours and textures, even the most fussy eaters will find satisfaction. Roasted succulent chicken flavour comes in an easy-open, dainty black and gold can with a green label.

This highly palatable broth is made with tasty roast chicken pieces in rich broth to make a delicious treat that your cat will devour.

This food is recommended for occasional or supplemental feeding only, as it is not labelled as a complete and balanced diet. Feed as a special treat alongside a balanced cat food diet.


  • Tender, tasty chunks of chicken in a rich broth
  • Highly palatable
  • Can be used to tempt cats with poor appetite 
  • Available in an array of other delicious flavours for all fussy eaters

Nutritional Info


Tuna Gelling Agents and Vitamin E

Feeding Instructions

Weight Daily Feeding (Cans)
Adult 1
Kittens 2

Pregnant or nursing cats may require two to four times their normal feeding.

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