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Eye Envy Powder For Pets (3 sizes)

Eye Envy

Eye Envy is the ultimate in tear stain removal systems. The application powder is widely used in competition showings, as an enhancer within our tear stain removal system. Highly recommended for whites and light colored breeds, the application powder is designed to help repel tears and as an aid in controlling dark staining production.

Nutritional Info


Eye Envy application powder does not contain bleach, cornstarch, or steroids. EE Powder is NOT a cover-up or contain cornstart. The powder actually helps keep the area dry, repels tears and also contains an antibacterial.


10 g, 25 g, 75 g


Begin with Eye Envy Solution or Pre-soaked Pads:

  1. If your pets eyes are very crusty and full of debris, then gently clean around their eyes with warm water and a toothbrush (softly) or a small flea comb. Try to remove as much debris as possible. If eyes are mostly runny, with no big clumps of debris, then skip this step.*
  2. Shake bottle of Eye Envy well and soak up a cotton pad or washcloth.
  3. Gently wipe around eye area. Don't be afraid to get it too wet. Do not pour solution into eyes, but don't worry if a little bit gets inside. Allow to dry.
  4. Gently work the Eye Envy Powder into your cats fur, working around the eyes and working powder against the hair growth. You can use a small brush, Q-Tip or your fingertip. Allow to dry. You can apply the powder immediately after applying the solution. Avoid powder in their nose.