Eukanuba Daily Care - Sensitive Joints (2sizes)

Eukanuba Daily Care - Sensitive Joints (2sizes)

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Excess weight can affect your dog’s joints. Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Joints is a custom-made diet which helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight. It also helps the body to heal itself.

The balanced ratio of nutrients provides the optimal daily amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates for a healthy, happy dog.

Eukanuba Daily Care - Sensitive Joints at a glance:

  • DentaDefense:developed by Oral B with experts in dental health, special 3D DentaDefense kibble, mechanically removes plaque and with the help of mico-cleaning-crystals can reduce the build-up of new plaque by up to 80%.
  • The right ratio of nutrients for dogs with sensitive joints
  • Enriched with valuable FOS prebiotics and essential antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E and carotenoids) for a healthy immune system and natural regeneration of healthy cells.
  • Contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins for healthy skin and shiny fur
  • Regular exercise and top quality animal protein will help your dog to have a sleek, muscular figure. L-carnitine improves the rate at which fat is burned.
  • Easy-to-digest proteins and beet fibre aid the absorption of nutrients and encourage a healthy digestion
  • Valuable calcium and a good balance of nutrients help to support healthy bones and joints
  • Contains no artificial colours, aromas or preservatives

Nutritional Info


Dried chicken & turkey (22%), corn, wheat, sorghum, animal fat, barley, dried beet pulp (3.8%), hydrolysed animal protein, dried whole egg, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, fish oil, sodium chloride, linseed, sodium hexametaphosphate, fructooligosaccharides (0.38%), brewer's yeast, glucosamine (576 mg/kg), chondroitin sulphate (57 mg/kg).


Vitamins: vitamin A (45,408 IU/kg), vitamin E (252 mg/kg), beta-carotene (28 mg/kg), L-carnitin (48 mg/kg). Trace elements: Copper sulphate pentahydrate (48 mg/kg), potassium iodide (3.5 mg/kg), ferrous sulphate monohydrate (643 mg/kg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (49 mg/kg), manganese oxide (35 mg/kg), zinc oxide (223 mg/kg), sodium selenite (0.25 mg/kg).


  • protein 23.0 %
  • fat 13.0 %
  • fibre 2.6 %
  • ash 6.8 %
  • calcium 1.1 %
  • phosphorus 0.9 %
  • omega-3 fats 0.36 %
  • omega-6 fats 2.22 %

Feeding Instructions

Dog's weight Portion in g/day
5kg 80 - 90
10kg 130 - 140
20kg 205 - 225
30kg 265 - 295
40kg 325 - 360
60kg 425 - 470

Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds (<40kg) age 1+ and for giant breeds (>40kg) age 2+ with a tendency to suffer from sensitive joints.

Cost per 100g = $1.81