[MIXABLE] Fussie Cat Litter 10L (6 PACKS)

[MIXABLE] Fussie Cat Litter 10L (6 PACKS)

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If you want cat litter that works well for one cat or a family of cats, you'll want to try Fussie Cat. This litter is specially formulated to prevent moisture from sinking to the bottom of the litter pan and not only does it control odors naturally, it is scented with the wonderful smell of apples.

Fussie Cat litter clumps extremely well and is easily scooped up when its time for cleanup and since it is so absorbent, you won't find moisture at the bottom of your litter tray. Your cat won't track it over the house like other litters and since it is 99% dust free, you won't have clouds of litter dust rising up and covering everything, for you and your cats to breathe.


  • Fussie Cat litter is scented, clumps well and doesn't track all over your house. It is very popular with cat owners for this very reason, however, there are a lot more reasons to love Fussie cat litter!