Clean n Easy Clumping Fine Apple Cat Litter 10L

Clean n Easy Clumping Fine Apple Cat Litter 10L

Clean n Easy
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Quick Clumping

Superior Quality to prevent tracking

- Absorbent mineral (bentonite) which clumps immediately when in contact with any liquid or solid waste prevents tracking in your home.

Long Lasting

Clinically Proven Formula

Great absorption to ensure bacteria and odour are well-eliminated and keeps your pet's living conditions hygienic at all times. Clinically proven to reduce Feline Lower Urinary Tract Infection (FLUTD)

Reduce Odour

Superior Clumping Formula

The bentonite formula coupled with 2 new fragrances, allows for quick liquid and smell absorption, keeping your litter box smelling fresher longer.

Environmentally Friendly

Superior clumping ability makes cleaning up simple, easy and cost efficient. Scoop the clump and throw it away. The remaining litter is ready to be used. Environmentally friendly and does not release any toxic chemicals into the environment. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angrahi Selamat
The Best Cat Sand

Good product. Absorbs odors and easy to manage.

Vivienne Loh
Clean n Easy Clumping Fine Apple 10L

Very fast delivery. Received it the next day. It's liked a new playground for my cats. They crowd around the litter box and literary sleeps besides it. They played with the sand, sending the flying sand all over the place. My cats are very playful. Its a bit of a hassle to clean up the place. On the other hand, its more economical cos there's less wastage as only the clumps are being disposed off. The frangrances also reduces the smell. Recommended but if you have playful and naughty cats liked mine, be ready with sands flying all over the place.

Clean n Easy Clumping Fine Apple 10L

The smell is tad been too strong.