Chitocure Conditioner For Pet (2 Sizes)

Chitocure Conditioner For Pet (2 Sizes)

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Your pet's fur deserves the best. The specially formulated Chitocure Conditioner goes straight to where their fur coat needs it most. The result? A beautiful and healthy coat of fur.

Nutritional Info


Aqua, Chitosan, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E.


  • After washing pet with Chitocure Shampoo, apply a small amount of Chitocure Conditioner to fur along the back.
  •  Work conditioner into the coat and massage into skin.
  •  Let conditioner sit for approximately 3 minutes.
  •  Rinse with warm water until it runs clear.
  •  Towel dry and gently comb or brush fur.