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Chitocure Brightening Shampoo For Pet (2 Sizes)

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CHITOCURE BRIGHTENING SHAMPOOChitocure's specially formulated Whitening Shampoo will restore and enhance the natural luster and sheen of a white coat without bleaching. The special blend of Chitosan and other natural ingredients have created a hypoallergenic formula that not only whitens, but also moisturizes the skin and prevents matting and tangling!


Chitosan enriched with henna extract


  • Wet coat with warm water.
  • Apply small amount of shampoo into the palm and apply to your pet starting from the head and work your way back.
  •  Massage lather into skin and work thoroughly into the coat. Use more shampoo as necessary.
  • Rinse until water is clear.
  • Towel dry and brush or comb fur.