Biogroom Waterless Bath (Super Blue) For Pet

Biogroom Waterless Bath (Super Blue) For Pet

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Bio-Groom Super Blue Waterless Bath is the perfect solution to clean or touch-up pets when full bathing is not convenient. This waterless shampoo does not require any wetting or rinsing - just apply to area and wipe dry, yet it easily cleans and removes dirt and stains. Super Blue Waterless Bath enhances natural coat colors with optical brighteners to give the coat a beautiful sheen and is ideal for many situations including last minute touch-ups, between bathing, spot cleaning, deodorizing, and many more. It is also tearless, alcohol free, and pH balanced. Suitable for dogs and cats.


  • Bio-Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo is a short-cut to a bath
  • Contains conditioners that leave the skin and coat looking and feeling its best
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, leaves no irritating residue, is pH balanced and mild
  • A few of the many uses for Waterless bath: To remove stains Between bathings During bad weather To prevent tracking in the house To spot clean and deodorize When caring for puppies and kittens After surgery Soiling mishaps For old or sick pets
  • Contains: Cleansers derived from Coconut Oil a biodegradable and regrowable source
  • Conditioner derived from Lanolin, Hydrolyzed Protein, Elegant Floral Fragrance
  • 8oz