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Back 2 Nature (Ecopet)

Back 2 Nature Salmon & Turkey Dog Wet Food (400g)

Back 2 Nature Salmon & Turkey Dog Wet Food (400g)

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BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet. Like their ancestors the wolves in the wild, dogs are made to be in motion- actively moving, propelling them forward. This optimum state of well-being is the premise of BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet. We believe by living “A Life In Motion”- Dogs truly experience a healthier, well-rounded life; less prone to disease and illness.


55% Turkey (Turkey Meat, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Turkey Necks)

10% Salmon

28.9% Broth, 1 % Minerals, 0.1% Salmon Oil 


- Crude Protein 10.2%

- Crude Fat 6.4% 

- Crude Ash 2.5%

- Crude Fiber 0.4%

- Moisture 78%



Puppy (< 1kg) : 130g/day

Puppy (<3kg) : 270g/day

Small Breed (<5kg) : 400g/day

Medium Breed (<15kg) : 1020g/day 

Large Breed (<25kg) : 1500g/day

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