Aqua Coolkeeper Comfy Harness For Dogs

Aqua Coolkeeper

Why does my dog need Aqua Coolkeeper? (also usable for other pets like cats, ferrets, rabbits) Dogs have almost no sweat glands. They can only try to regulate their body temperature by panting or by perspiration through the pads of their paws.But only a small fraction of a dog's excess body heat can be lost this way. Therefore dogs are prone to heatstroke, which can cause permanent organ damage, a coma or in some severe cases even death. Put your Aqua Coolkeeper in cold water and it will be ready to cool your dog in minutes! Aqua Coolkeeper stays cool up to 5 days! Aqua Coolkeeper is reusable over and over again.A quick handwash with a mild soap in cold or warm water and Aqua CoolkeeperTM as good as new Aqua CoolkeeperTM helps your dog to keep cool and stay healthy in a safe and responsible way! 


  • the weather is hot
  • travelling
  • sporting and playing
  • outdoors
  • heat stress
  • raised body temperature
  • restricted airways due to heat stress
  • Feels cool, dry and comfortable
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • only need water to activate. reusable and washable