Miaw Miaw Creamy - Tuna w/Scallop Flavour 15g x 4 | Perromart Online Pet Store Malaysia

Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy - Tuna w/Scallop Flavour 15g Cat Treat


A totally new exciting pasty creamy TREAT for your purring kitties, one that will make you totally loved by them. Cats will love the taste of MIAW MIAW CREAMY & enjoy the benefits of I-Peptide which help in destressing & improving appetite. Added ingredients support body functions (Vit E) and reduce fecal odour. Your kitties will purr for more….PLEASANT MEMORY!


  • Comes in 15g x 4 sachets
  • Tuna w/scallop flavored
  • Liquid snack to help replenish fluid loss in your kitty’s body
  • Suitable for all life stages

Nutritional Info


Fish(Tuna(Maguro) , Scallop extract ,Fish Extract , Fish Peptide,etc.) , Protein Hyrolysate , Yeast extract , Lactosucrose ,Thickening agent(Modified Starch ,Jelly agents) , Seasoning ,Vitamin E

Feeding Instructions