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Accurate Control Spray For Dogs & Cats ( 3 Sizes )


Accurate spray offers an all-round protection for your pets and surroundings against Flea, ticks, lice, bugs, mosquitoes, maggots. It is suitable for use on cats, dogs/ small animals.


  • Antifungal/bacterial action
  • Treat maggots wound
  • Does not penetrate into bloodstreams
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • No skin/eye irritation
  • Promote healthy skin/coat
  • Low toxicity thus safe for animals/humans
  • Non-staining and eco-friendly

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Shake well and adjust nozzle spray before use.

After your pet has been bathed and towel dried, spray accurate to thoroughly wet its skin, starting from the back and moving forward throughout the pet's body. Massage around the neck, ears, head and feet, and skin fold. Additionally, treat the pet's immediate surroundings, kennels, walls and places where your pet frequents. Leave spray residue on all surfaces infested by fleas, ticks or other ectoparasites.