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#1 All System Got Hair Action Smoothing Keratin Shampoo 32oz

  • RM8700


Smoothing Keratin Shampoo is a revolutionary natural cosmetic based product the rst part in a three step process which will remove any dirt residue and prepare the hair/coat for the GOT HAIR ACTION Smoothing Serum + Moisturizer Treatment. It should also be used to maintain the lasting eects of the Smoothing Serum + Moisturizing Treatment. This a gentle residue free shampoo and is safe to be used on all dogs and cats.


  • Gentle, residue-free shampoo
  • Safe to be used on dogs and cats
  • 100 % Formaldehyde-Free!


Step #1 DIRECTIONS: Carefully brush out any mats or tangles before bathing using # 1 ALL SYSTEMS Moisturizing Coat Protector or our Fabulous Grooming Spray. Wet the coat completely with warm water, apply a generous amount of GOT HAIR ACTION Smoothing Keratin Shampoo to the coat work well into the coat then rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary to get the coat completely clean. Towel dry the coat being careful not to tangle it. If coat has become tangled or matted brush/comb it out carefully using a soft # 1 ALL SYSTEMS Pin Brush or Ultimate Comb.