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#1 All System Amp It Up for Dogs and Cats 454g

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Hair Cream - Paste Ampify, Define, Volumize & Texturize Go from FLAT to FAB with #1 All Systems Amp It Up! #1 All Systems Amp It Up Big Boost Hair Paste lets you amplify, volumize and texturize your style.

Amp it up is a hair cream that is designed to produce an amplified, defined, volumized and textured style. Amp it up molds the hairs in the desired shape. Amp it up is also a hair-raising paste that helps achieve the desired look and style!

Amp it up can be used as what you could do with the colestral and can help eliminate the need to make chalk or reduce its use, the chalk is very dry and can potentially lower the hairs making it more susceptible to breakage. Amp it up is formulated with the highest grade cosmetic ingredients available.


How to use: Wash your dog thoroughly with your favorite # 1 all sytems shampoo suitable for all systems, regardless of the specific need and desired effect. Apply the amp up liberally with clean hands with brush or comb finishing style to complete the look.