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WOOF Freeze Dried - Raw, Natural and Delicious.

Woof freeze dried is a superior scope of pet food and treats that utilizes just the greatest fixings, pointed toward giving your canines what they need to flourish with. Support your pets from the back to front, normally.

Where is WOOF dog food made?

Woof hold up dried canine food is ethically and affectionately made in New Zealand! It is made in little clusters in New Zealand and made with moral solid fixings. Every one of the fixings have been decided for their rumored recuperating, sustaining and helpful consequences for the body and skin, giving all the healthful goodness your pet requirements at each life stage.

Where to purchase WOOF canine food?

You can purchase Woof Hold up Dried canine food here on perromart! There are 2 sizes accessible and 6 flavors to browse - Vension, Brushtail, Lamb, Chicken, Beef & Duck.

Is WOOF a decent canine food?

Indeed! Woof utilizes more than 90% meat, organs and bones while the excess is loaded up with natural products, vegetables and superfoods like chia seed, manuka nectar, green lipped mussel and then some! Woof never utilizes fillers and are grain and gluten free. All plans are adjusted and defined to meet with AAFCO prerequisites so you can be guaranteed that you are giving your pets normal crude food loaded up with goodness that they need to develop and flourish with.

Which WOOF canine food is ideal?

All WOOF hold up dried food are incredible! However, our most mainstream flavors are venison, brushtail and lamb!

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