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Wilderness Legend

All dogs & cats are direct descendants of wolves and wild cats respectively. Our dogs & cats are both carnivorous, likewise to their ancestors, whom of which are highly adapted to consume the flesh and nutrients of their prey. It is of an animal’s origin and nature to ingest high protein meats as their source of energy. Animals lack amylase in their saliva, an enzyme which breaks down starch in carbohydrates, which leads to difficulties with digestion in their alimentary canal.

Animals in the wilderness such as wolves and wild cats have a all natural & hypoallergenic diets, enriched with high proteins for the most balanced & superior nutrition. Despite years of genetic variation in breeding, the internal structures & anatomical capabilities of domestic dogs & cats still remain similar to their wild cousins.

Today, all wolves, wild cats, dogs & cats are categorised into an extensive species of ‘Canis Lupus’ (for Dogs) and ‘Felis Chaus’ (for Cats) for their similarities. To no surprise, an important aspect of this delegation involves their eating habits & diets, in which they all share similar nutritional requirements. WL’s goal is to fulfil all your beloved pet’s dietary needs based upon their ancestry so they can grow to their fullest potential. Therefore, all ingredients are thoroughly handpicked and carefully produced.