Collection: HEKA

At HEKA Pet Food, we believe pets can be healed through nature. 

Heka Pet Food started when we saw a need for healthy pet food that focuses on the healing and well-being of our pets. Thanks to Kayla, our resident dog who has food sensitivities, we came to understand the unique healing properties of nature. With Kayla’s journey in mind, we formulated a unique recipe with natural healing herbs and fruits. These carefully selected ingredients not only provide superior nutrition but also increase the palatability of our recipes with no additional steroids or hormones.

We believe the best way to nurture our pets is by imparting healing through nature. We have achieved this by using only high-quality protein and herbs which allow dogs to thrive, grow and heal. With Heka, every dog can experience the power of nature!


Heka is formulated with natural healing herbs and fruits that will greatly benefit your dog’s overall health. These natural healing ingredients help dogs to thrive, grow and heal. 

Benefits of Heka

- Natural healing ingredients 

- Grain Free

- High in iron & Amino Acids

- Hypoallergenic

- Joint & Muscle Support

High in Antioxidants

- For dogs of all ages & breeds

How much is Heka dog food? 

Heka dog food ranges from $39.90 to $139.90.


Is Heka good dog food?

Heka uses quality ingredients as well as essential herbs that help your pet heal through nature. 

Chicory: High in Probiotics. Maintains healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive system. Reduces diseases and improves the overall immune system.

Nettle: Immunity Support. Flushes the kidney & liver, purifies blood and prevents urinary tract infection. High in A, C, D and B-Complex vitamins.

Cranberry: UTI Support. Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities which can prevent the growth of E. coli, H. pylori and other diseases.

Fennel: Digestive Health. Fennel is high in Vitamin C and A, calcium, iron and potassium. It helps with joint problems and bad breath.

Chamomile: Calming Support. Eases nervous spasms, expels gas and increases the production of bile - a vital fluid that aids digestion.

Caraway: Antioxidant Boost. Contains disease- and cancer-fighting antioxidants and also promotes good muscle health.

Where is Heka dog food made?

Heka dog food is made in Germany.

Where to buy Heka dog food?

Heka dog food can be bought right here at perromart!

Which Heka dog food is best?

Each flavour of Heka dog food has its own set of benefits. 

Salmon: High source of omega 3 and 6 that helps with healthy skin & coat and joint health. 

Lamb: Source of iron and essential amino acid that helps retain energy and build muscle development.

Turkey: High in lean protein, help dogs to build muscle, reduces the likelihood of illnesses like diabetes and cancer

Duck: Great source of amino acids, supports the growth of muscles and helps maintain a normal thyroid level