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GREENIES™ Dental Treats are made with delightful, delectable, and common fixings that are effectively edible and advance great soundness of your pet. It sticks to AAFCO rules. These dental bites help eliminate plaque and tartar while your pet bites on it. Your finicky dog and cat will not have the option to oppose the brilliant taste of these treats!

Greenies come in various sizes to fit the necessities of various varieties. GREENIES™ TEENIE Canine Dental Treats is appraised 4.8 out of 5 on perromart. Your dog will adore this delectable, unique seasoned dental canine bites on account of their superbly chewy surface that battles plaque and tartar.

Greenies Treats are suggested by the veterinarians for at-home oral consideration. Its exceptionally dissolvable characteristic fixings make it simple to process. Greenies Canine Bites and Treats involves characteristic fixings with nutrients, supplements, and fundamental minerals to keep an amazing jaw. Its antimicrobial property shields the gum from contamination. As Greenies items are all around defined for canines and felines of all life stages, it is protected to take care of Greenies treats to your little kitten or puppy.

Greenies Cat Dental Treats come in four delectable flavors, for example, stove simmered chicken, enticing fish flavor, exquisite salmon, and catnip flavor. Greenies group has never undermined with the nature of its items. Cat GREENIES™ Dental Treats Broiler Simmered Chicken Flavor is appraised 4.4 out of 5 and one of the suggested items by veterinarian for your feline. Greenies cat treats are healthfully even with under 2 calories for each treat and uncommonly planned for day by day treating.

For what reason are Greenies awful for dogs?

Similarly as with any item, consistently screen your pets. A few pets may will in general be over enthusiastic and swallow these bites when they have been chewed to a small piece. Guarantee that your pet keeps on biting on it as gulping down this entire may cause obstacle. Furthermore, GREENIES™ Dental Treats ought not be given to more youthful canines of a half year or weigh under 5 lbs.

Do Greenies really work?

While brushing your dog's and cat's teeth are the awesome best approach to keep up great oral and dental wellbeing, dental bites, for example, greenies can possibly help downplay plaque and tartar develop.

Are Greenies safe for canines?

Actually like any pet treats, it is imperative to screen your pet when giving them any thing! Guarantee that your pet bites on it and dispose of when the item is too little to even consider being bitten. Gulping down it might cause stomach related blocks in your dog.