Gex Pure Crystcal Ion Filter Media Cage for Kitten 2 pcs

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GEX Pure Crystal Ion Filter contains compartments with activated carbon & Ion Exchange Resins. Activated Carbon removes chlorine and colour while Ion Exchange Resin works to remove Magnesium & Calcium. This will soften the water from the tap, reducing the risk of urinary disease, maintaining healthy lower urinary tract. The filter provides clean & gentle (soft) water to your pet all the time. It is recommended to change the filter at least once a month. The Pure Crystal Ion Filter Media is exclusively designed for use with GEX Pure Crystal Cage Drinking Fountain For Kittens (900ml-950ml) Made from polypropylene, active carbon, ion-exchange resin, polyethylene. Comes with 2 pieces per pack.


  • Soften tap water and reduce risk of urinary disease
  • Activated carbon to remove chlorine and odour in water
  • Ion Exchange Resin to remove magnesium and calcium in water
  • For use with GEX Pure Crystal Cage Drinking Fountain For Kittens


      • Wash the filter in a running water without using soap.
      • After water circulation starts, magnesium and calcium is removed in approximately 60 minutes.
      • When dirts, such as food debris, hair, etc are visible at approximately one month, please change the filter for exchange.
      • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature.