Why Is Raw Feeding Better?

Why Is Raw Feeding Better?

Raw Is Better For Your Dog

Any pet owner wants to provide the best they can for their dog. Commercials on TV promise top quality, grain free diets or advertisements in the vet office with claimed scientific based kibble may not be what they claim.  If you cannot trust the advertisers, then what can you trust to provide the best nutrition and nourishment for your pooch?  Your dog's body, of course!

Raw is Natural, Kibble is Not

raw-feeding-better-dogs-1 Your dog is not a wolf, but they share similar nutritional requirements. Like most foods, your dog's diet should be in the most nutritionally viable state as possible. This means not cooking it to a dry, crunchy pellet as kibble producers do to their products. In fact, all that cooking destroys the goodness found in the ingredients so much that pet food makers must add vitamins, minerals and other nutritions to complete the diet! So what does all that raw meat do in your dog's gut? Unlike kibble, a raw meat diet takes far less time to digest and absorb into your dog's blood stream. Kibble can sit in your dog's intestines for up to 18 hours before it can break down! Even then, many nutrients are lost as seen in your dog's excrement.  A predator's droppings should not be dark brown and moist. It should consist of a dryer, lighter substance that shows the nutrients have been absorbed properly, feeding all your dog's organs and keeping him healthy.

You Know What Your Dog Is Eating

raw-feeding-better-dogs-2 If you have been on top of recent developments in dog food recalls, you will notice the alarming rate that foods are being pulled out from the shelves. Everything from an euthanasia drug to bacterial contamination have been found in processed dog foods that have been making dogs sick or even killing them.  If you decide to feed your own fresh raw diet to your pup, there is never a guess or worry as to what is truly in the food you feed.

Myths About Raw Feeding

One excuse used by many, including some vets, is that raw meat carries bacteria. This is true, but however not a reason to avoid it! The bacteria found in properly prepared raw meats is far more dangerous to humans than it is for your dog. Dogs have the stomach acid and biological ability to break down these bacterium properly, without harming them.

How To Feed Raw?

protein_importance_dogfood_2 A properly balanced raw diet, that is 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other organs will provide the optimal nutrition your dog's body requires.  This will not only help him survive, but he will absolutely thrive! So, how can you safely feed raw meat to your dog? Wash your hands before and after handling raw meat. Keep your preparation area clean, and always use a disinfectant when cleaning up. You can choose the primary meats, from beef to bison or even fish and rabbit. The sky is the limit when it comes to raw feeding your pup! The research showing the positive effects that raw feeding has on canines is out there! Feel free to search the internet, watch videos and talk with more than just one vet about raw feeding. However, if you find the preparation tedious, you can always consider freeze dried raw - they contain similar nutritional level! It just may be what you and your dog need to thrive! 保存
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