Why Is My Cat So Needy And Demanding

Why Is My Cat So Needy And Demanding

Why Is My Cat So Needy And Demanding

Is your cat clingy? Having a cuddly feline is good, but you may need your personal space when it's time to get things done. Although cats are well-known for being independent, they really do have different personalities. Some cats will be too demanding no matter how much attention they get. A clingy cat may interfere with normal household routines. But fret not - there are many ways to you can improve the relationship with your feline friend and fix her attention-seeking behaviour.

Signs Your Cat Is Being Too Clingy

signs-cat-clingy-demanding-needy A clingy cat won't leave you alone when you are working, cleaning the house, reading or watching television. Here are some signs of a demanding cat. 1.She wants to be petted constantly Some cats, like children, demand frequent attention. Your clingy cat will follow you from room to room and paw your leg or arm to ask for the attention and petting time that she thinks she deserves. She may head-butt you, jump on your lap or stares into your eyes - she has no problem to let you know when she wants something! 2.Constant meowing A clingy cat will meow constantly and loudly when the owner ignores her. 3.Repeat the same action over and over again Clingy felines are diffucult to ignore. They will repeat their actions until they get what they want. For instance, your needy cat will not stop jumping into your lap unless you start petting her. 4.She decides what you can do Whether you eat, stand, sit or sleep, your clingy cat is the boss who gives you the green light to do something. She may jump on your keyboard when you are doing your report or sit on your feet when you are trying to move to another place. 5.She may not eat when you are away A needy cat refuses to left alone. She may refuse to eat unless you are home.

Reasons Why Your Cat Is So Needy

why-cat-needy-demanding 1.Insecurity Have you moved to a new house recently? Or have you moved her cat litter box and hiding spots? Note that cats are creatures of habits who love routines. Sudden changes can cause insecurity in cats. If your cat perceives you as her own safe haven, she will try to stay closer with you in order to feel safe and protected. 2.Medical and anxiety-related problems Medical and anxiety-related problems can cause sudden insistent demands in felines. For instance, a cat who suffers from separation anxiety usually will engage in attention-seeking behaviours. Schedule a visit to your veterinarian if you notice an increase in her dependent behaviour. 3.Genetics Genetics play a factor in the degree of demandingness displayed. For example, Siamese cats are well-known for being bossy and vocal. Another example is Sphynx cats. They have reputation for being clingy. In general, most of Sphynx cats want to spend every minute with their owners. 4.Lack of socialization Bored cats tend to become too attached to their owners as well as cats in single-cat households. A cat left alone for extended periods can become very needy.

Ways To Deal With A Demanding Cat

ways-deal-with-demanding-clingy-cat 1.Schedule daily play sessions Plenty of play time is one of the essential ingredients for a happy cat! Ideally 10-to-20 minute sessions in the morning and at night. Maintain a regular schedule of interactive play with your feline friend. Play time provides physical and mental benefits that help keep her entertained and avoid boredom. Playing with your cat can help her bond with you too! Read more: Games Tо Рlау With Уоur Cаt 2.Never answer your chatty cat When your talkative cat meows, you should avoid never answer her. Meowing back at your cat will encourage her to meow louder and longer. Instead, pet her head and reward her with a treat when the meowing stops. You can ask for a different behaviour to distract her such as teaching her to come to your. You can hold a small treat on your palm and call your cat to come. When she walks towards you, drop the treat so she can see it and praise her, "Good, here's your treat". Then, give her a pet. Read more: Hоw Tо Gеt Yоur Cаt Tо Stop Jumріng Оn Yоur Kеуbоаrd
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