Why And How: Apply Dog Licence In Malaysia

Why And How: Apply Dog Licence In Malaysia


So you’ve brought home a new dog, now what? Owning a dog is a happy experience and the benefits of pet ownership come with responsibilities. Being a responsible dog owner is not just feeding your dog properly and taking him to the vet when he’s sick or injured – it’s similar to having a child, meaning as a pet owner, you are fully responsible for their well-being. And the first step to responsible dog ownership is licensing your dog. In Malaysia, the law requires every dog to be licensed under its own municipal. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state, so always check with your local municipal. Licensing your dog is not only the law - it helps ensure that your dog will be returned home safely if he gets lost.

Please note that local municipalities hire private dogcatchers to catch dogs without licences that are caught roaming in public, thus it’s important to get your dog licensed. Licensing means a little extra out of your pocket each year -- usually RM 10 - RM 15, but it gives you the peace of mind. Meanwhile, failure to get a dog licence may result in penalties, a fine between RM 100 – RM 250. 


The Requirements

Depending on where in Malaysia you live, the requirements for obtaining a dog licence will differ. If you live under the municipality of Ampang Jaya, you’ll need to apply for a dog licence with 2 pieces of applicant's identification card-size photograph, 1 piece of dog's full photograph to be licensed (postcard size) and 1 copy of applicants identification card (front/back). The license will cost RM 15 per dog and the owner’s card will cost RM 2. Note that no license will be issued for dogs kept higher that ground level at any buildings. The number of dogs that can be licensed at any one premise less than 1000 square meter is 1 – 2 dogs, while a maximum of 4 dogs can be legally kept at premise which is more than 1000 square meter. However, if you live in Kuantan, you must show the proof that your dogs have had rabies shots, which verified by any licensed vet – you need to prepare one more document than residents who live under the municipality of Ampang Jaya. Applying for a dog license is pretty easy if you get all the documents ready beforehand. So always check with your local municipal and prepare the documents before visiting the municipal office. Generally, you will get your dog licence within 1 working day. To avoid hassle, dog owners are encouraged to apply a dog licence for 3 years. If you don't waste time waiting in line, consider online application. Find out your local council and check if applications for dog licences are available. 1.Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang 2.Kuala Lumpur City Hall


Can I Apply A Licence For Restricted Or Banned Breed?

Note that no licences will be issued for breeds of dogs that have been banned in Malaysia such as Akita, American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier. For a restricted breed dog such as English Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Bull Mastiff, Canary Dog and the German Shepherd, you are allowed to keep him as pet, however, only under special stipulations. First and foremost, any restricted dog breed must undergo a training course called as "Canine Good Citizen" program before owners are issued a licence. Plus, you will also have to make sure your home fenced properly and put up a clearly visible “Beware Of Dogs” sign at the front and back of your house.

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