What To Avoid When Choosing Cat Wet Food

What To Avoid When Choosing Cat Wet Food

By Ghaydaa Samaan


Sometimes cats refuse the provided food and get sick of it because most of them are picky eaters which mean they don’t eat any kind of available food in their bowls. They desire some special kinds of canned food. Keep reading to know how to perfectly pick the desired and suitable wet food for your pussy cat. 

A quick imperative tip: you should carefully read the ingredients labels and the expiration dates of the canned cat food options. Picking a cat food sounds like an easy task but you will face a great number of confusing options that would be like a challenge. 

Here are things to avoid when choosing your wet cat food: 

1. Low protein food:

Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of the most needed element for your kitty which is protein. Cats do highly rely on protein to thrive just like us.

Professional veterinarians always indicate that the protein content is the most important feature must be included in the wet food you choose for cats. 

You can find Here are your best wide choices for your picky cat eater. 

2. Food with artificial ingredients:

Cats also need all-natural food in their diets exactly as humans do. 

Would you feel ok to eat these kinds of food? Sure nope, this is junk food which must be harmful to both humans and pets. 

3. Low wet content:

This means you should check the percentage of how much water is included in the food, you can notice it by mostly reading the ingredients label. 

The sufficient preferable percentage for moisture food is 80% and up. 

4. Allergens:

Don’t forget to avoid food containing ingredients that your cat is allergic to which might be corn, rice, soy or wheat etc. Check this to help you pick many choices for your feline allergies. 

5. Cheap brands:

Don’t base your searching on the lowest price, you know the cheapest food would not be the proper one you seek for your cat health. The cheapest might cause trouble to your cat tummy which would cost you the double in the veterinary treatment. Try to find the best one with an affordable price.

Best cat feeding guide: 

 Are you wondering about the best wet cat food? 

It’s known that cats prefer wet food more than dry food and alot of vets recommend it more than the dry food which contains many more carbohydrates than wet food and cats can not ingest many carbohydrates. Wet food also provides more water which can support the kidneys.

You always seek the best for your kitty’s satisfaction and needs. 

No perplexing, we facilitated this challenge by collecting the top notch suitable wet food for your cute cat. But you may need to try different types of options until you can define the one your cat loves.

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Generally, the basic needs for your feline friend are:




vitamins and minerals 

High-quality grains

Should cats eat only wet food?

Most cats do not drink enough water, they rely on the water included in their food so this is the merit of wet food. Both wet and dry food have merit. We can not say that you must only feed your cat wet food. Cats might get bored with the same food style day by day, then they will slowly quit eating, also they might develop allergies and stomach upsets. 

They simply need a various diet which should include all wet food, dry food and homemade food, the combination of those kinds will form the ideal nutritious to keep your cat healthy and happy. 

Now, are you looking for this needed combination? 

You can simply make that combination of wet and dry cat food which will sufficiently meet your cat’s nutritional needs like protein, vitamins, fat, minerals and other health needs. It will also be the perfect appetizer for her. 

Again your cat should not get a different food every day, but a variety of healthy wet food appended with tasty dry food will airily appeal his hungry stomach and make him satisfied and active. 

How many cans food should I feed my cat? 

You can daily provide wet food for your cat. But about the amount, you should consider some factors such as: your cat’s weight , age, response, activity and health. 

For clarification a growing kitty needs more food than the adult one, an active cat needs more than a sleepy cat and a nursing mom cat obviously needs double food amounts. 

Generally you can fill your cat bowl 4 times in a day which might be almost 3 spoons measuring (per one) from the canned food. Though if she still feels extremely hungry you can reasonably add some food for her. 

Remember: overfeeding can lead to obesity which is common in cats, so try to make your cat’s stomach full in a balanced way. 

Not all cats have the same eating habits, you can’t feed your cat based on the schedule of your friend’s cat. 


You can store the rest of the can in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, but make sure to cover it, about unopened cans, you don’t have to store them in the refrigerator, a room temperature would be fine, you can keep them for up to 1 year, but don’t forget to check the expiration date. 


Don’t forget to usually clean or change your cat’s bowl because it would contain some stuck spoiled food that might harm your cat when she eats the new food mixed with the spoil.

As a cat owner, you already know that cats’ foods are the second costly thing after veterinary care, but you have to smartly think that the proper healthy diet can delay veterinary costs. So you can take care of your lovely feline by finding out her best wet and dry food choices. 


I hope you got the key ingredients that will help you make the best wise decisions for your cat friend.

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