The Cost Of Owning A Cat In Malaysia

The Cost Of Owning A Cat In Malaysia

The Cost of Owning A Cat in Malaysia

Thinking of getting a cat? Time spent with cats is never wasted. Cats are adorable and pawsome. Just like dogs, they can be your best companions.  They love to play and keep you entertained. Plus, their purring have potentially healing health benefits for you! Not to mention their purrfect good-lookings, cats are very low maintenance - they are doing fine as long as you prepare sufficient amount of food, water and a litter box for them. cost-owning-a-cat-malaysia Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to own a cat in Malaysia? Here is an estimated cost which can gives you a rough idea of how big a commitment you should plan on.

Cost of Adopting and Purchasing

why-cat-needy-demanding Although it is a lifetime cost, purchasing a cat can be expensive, especially a purebred. For example, a Persian cat costs around RM 600 - RM 1500 while a Scottish Fold costs approximately RM 2200 - RM 3800. Always take note of some common health risks of a purebred - if you failed to take into account, it may result in costly medical bills. Always adopt. You can find your dream cat near on the streets or the animal shelters - it's free and you can save a life! Those cats in pet store window may cost you more than their price tags, why not adopt a kitten or cat? Domestic cats are adorable and purrfect too! Adopt is an act of love and rescue. Here is the list of cat shelters in Malaysia.


The monthly cost of cat food depends on the quality of the food and the amount of your cat needs to eat. From premium to cheap, you can adjust the budget you spend on purchasing cat food. Common cheap dry foods (not exceeding 2kg) found in the market cost around RM 4.50 - RM 22 per pack. If you are looking for a premium, high-quality food for your best furry companion, it usually costs around RM 30 - RM 120 per pack (not exceeding 2.5kg). Keep in mind that buying the cheapest pet food doesn't mean that you are able to save money on cost of owning a cat - sometimes it means more medical bills later on. However, expensive doesn't always equal better. All you need to do is choosing the best food which is best suited to your cat's lifestyle, health conditions and age. On the other hand, how much a cat needs to eat depends on a variety of factors such as weight and health conditions. An adult cat generally consume 1.5 - 2.5kg dry food per month.

Basic Medical

sign-aging-in-cats Basic medical costs include spaying/neutering and vaccination. Spaying a cat costs around RM 80 - RM 300, depends on you are taking your cat to government vet or private clinic. If you are looking for a low cost spay/ neuter program, you can approach SPCA. Vaccination costs RM 40 - RM 80. A kitten usually receives 3 separate vaccinations for the first time and annual booster is needed for every following year. The common core vaccinations are FVRCP and FELV. The cost to get a cat dewormed is RM 8 - RM 30 if you feed the wormer tablet to your cat by yourself. However, if you prefer to take your cat to vet, it will cost you around RM 15 - RM 60 per visit.


pro-cons-adopt-adult-senior-cat Does my cat need a haircut? Yes, your long-haired breed need to be groomed. Cat grooming fee is RM 30 - RM 100 per time. It depends on the size of your pet and its amount of fur. Grooming a long-haired cat generally costs you more than RM 50. Check out where you can get grooming services for your cat. Is your wallet lighter when you leave haircuts to professional groomers? As a pet owner, you know that grooming your pet can be expensive as its hair will grow continuously and your next visit to the pet grooming salon is definitely a must - you may be tired of paying someone to groom your cat on a regular basis! Save your money by grooming your cat at home. You can buy grooming tools such as nail trimmer, cat brush and cat comb -  all of these cost below RM 30 and they are one-time expenses! If you prefer to do the grooming by yourself, you may check out this article for some tips on grooming your cat.


Oh yes, you need a pet bowl, cage, litter box, scratching post and toy for your cat too! You may spend RM 50 - RM 400 to buy basic equipment and supplies. If you own an indoor cat, you have to pay about RM 20 - RM 70 per month for cat litters, depending on the type and size of bag. The best things in life definitely aren't free, including owning a pawsome cat. Nevertheless, you can plan your budget carefully before adopting or purchasing a pet.
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