Popular Dog Breeds In Malaysia

Popular Dog Breeds In Malaysia

There are so many reasons why dogs are awesome. Do you know which dog breeds are the most popular among Malaysians? Here is the list of popular dog breeds in Malaysia.


1. Poodle



Poodles are well-loved by Malaysians. It’s a great choice for those who lived in high-rise property. Poodles are fun-loving, clever, energetic and sociable breed. Due to their keen intelligence, Poodles are easy to train. This is why they excel in obedience training. If you are looking for a low maintenance dog breed, this breed is right for you!

Origin: Germany, France

Life Span: 14 to 18 years

Height: 45 cm and up (Standard); 28 to 35 cm inches (Miniature); 28 cm or less (Toy);

Weight: 45 to 70 pounds (Standard); 15 to 17 pounds (Miniature); 6 to 9 pounds (Toy)

2. Shih Tzu


The Shih Tzu was bred to be a companion dog. The “little lion” is a small breed with big personalities. The Shih Tzus are lap dogs who crave for human companionship. They are loyal, lively, sweet-tempered, happy and affectionate.

Origin: Tibet, China

Life Span: 10 to 16 years

Height: 20 to 28 cm

Weight: 9 to 16 pounds

3. Schnauzer


This breed comes in three sizes: miniature, standard and giant. The Schnauzers are intelligent, friendly, calm, trainable and loving. Their adorable, gorgeous appearance is one of the reasons why Malaysians love them so much!

Origin: Germany

Life Span: 12 to 14 years (Miniature); 13 to 16 years (Standard); 10 to 12 years (Giant)

Height: 30 to 36 cm (Miniature); 47 to 50 cm (Standard); 65 to 70 cm (Giant)

Weight: 10 to 15 pounds (Miniature); 30 to 50 pounds (Standard); 55 to 80 pounds (Giant)

4. Pomeranian


The athletic Pomeranians are busy little guys who greet the world with curiosity. This small breed is popular among companion dogs and competitive show dogs. They are excellent watchdogs as they can bark loudly.

Origin: Germany, Poland

Life Span: 12 to 16 years

Height: 20 cm

Weight: 3 to 7 pounds

5. Siberian Husky

siberian jusky

Easy going and active, the Siberian Husky is a beautiful creature with a thick, fluffy coat and a pair of blue or multi-coloured eyes. Note that Husky is a heavy-shedding breed that requires vigorous exercises. Also, this free-spirited breed tends to get destructive when the boredoms set in.

Origin: Siberia

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Height: 50 – 50 cm

Weight: 35 to 60 pounds

6. Golden Retriever


Well-known as one of the top 5 smartest dogs, Golden Retrievers are friendly, obedient, intelligent, calm, loyal and trustworthy. Affectionately called Goldies, they love people too much as well as strangers. Although Golden Retrievers are not an excellent guard dog, their tolerant attitude and gentle temperament make them a good watchdog. They are frequently used as therapy, assistant and service dog in many countries including Malaysia.

Origin: England, Scotland

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

Height: 51 to 61 cm

Weight: 55 to 75 pounds

7. Rottweiler


Sometimes called Rotts or Rotties, the Rottweilers can be extremely friendly to their owners and family members if they are well-trained. Since they are very protective, first-time owners are not encouraged to own this breed. They are best with an experienced owner only.

Origin: Germany

Life Span: 8 to 10 years

Height: 35 to 60 cm

Weight: ‎75 to 110 pounds

8. German Shepherd


Ranked in the top 3rd of intelligence canines, the German Shepherd is a working dog developed originally for herding sheep. This breed is fiercely intelligent and super loyal dog that can make a perfect family companion as well as used as a working dog. Confident and gentle, this breed originated in Germany. Note that they need early socialization just like every dog – so they can get along very well with children and other pets.

Origin: Germany

Life Span: 10 to 14 years

Height: 50 – 65 cm

Weight: 75 to 95 pounds


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