Review: Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter

Review: Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter

PerroReview: Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter

A hygienic litter box makes for a clean cat and a happy you – have you heard about this before? We need to clean the litter box of our cats regularly and make sure we eliminate the smell. However, not all cat litters can control the odour effectively and create no mess, especially the clay litters. And the biggest problem is that cat litter tends to end up everywhere in the house, be it on the floors or on the bed. You might feel sick and tired of sweeping up cat litter messes, just like me! Luckily, there are lots of alternatives available. I decided to try something eco-friendly, so my kitty-cat, Roku the Pirate Garfield gave Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter a try. Purrrr! It has been awesome so far! A clean Roku, and a happy me! Perropet-cat-litter-review-kit-cat-soya Kit Cat Soya Clump’s odour control is much better than the clay litter by miles. I can keep my home smelling fresh and clean with this superior cat litter, which features natural odour control! The scent of soybean is quite strong enough to cover the smell of pee and poo. Meanwhile, it absorbed three times more moisture than clay litter, which is an important factor in odour control. Of course, it does not stick to the cat litter box. The urine clumps and feces are easy to pick up. You can just scoop the clumped litter and dispose – simple! Plus, it’s flushable! Eco-friendly material made from the insoluble parts of a soya bean, Kit Cat Soya Clump is 100% biodegradable soy-based cat litter. They are purrfectly safe for cats! Most importantly, the tracking is minimal with Kit Cat Soya Clump. Love it! The only drawback is that Soya clumping litter is more expensive than other cat litter.

Benefits At A Glance:

Kit-Cat-Soya-Cat-Litter-Review -Biodegradable & Flushable -Dust Free & Less Mess -Incredible Odour Control -Non-Toxic / Safe -Quick Clumping -Soft & Gentle On Paws -Easy To Carry -Available In 6 Refreshing Scents: Original, Charcoal, Green Tea, Strawberry, Coffee & Peach

About Kit Cat

kit-cat-soya-clump Founded by the two brothers in 2013, Kit Cat is truly made in Singapore! They share the same passion for animal welfare, shelters and stray cats. specially made, wholesome and natural cat products that is made up of the freshest raw materials. They believe nutrition is essential to improving a cat's quality of life - that'why they are committed to create the very best pet foods for your feline friend! Offering you with clear choice of optimum nutrition, affordable and effective care that your feline friend will benefit from good health, Kit Cat defines quality by evaluating the ingredients, manufacturing techniques and nutritional value of every products.
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