Meet The Breeds: Munchkin Cat

Meet The Breeds: Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Cat, also known as sausage cat, is a medium-sized cat with an extremely short spine and legs. Due to its shorter legs, a munchkin cat's movements are way different from normal-sized cats with long legs and is more like that of a ferret. Having a well-rounded chest and a very thick body, munchkin cat has plush all-weather coats along with a silky appearance. They are known to be sweet, gentle, and outgoing and remain playful and curious during adulthood. They enjoy the company of loving humans and love playing fetch and obeying the commands of their favorite humans. Despite their short legs, munchkin cats can run really fast! They are ideal for a loving and caring family that would provide them with the best lifestyle.


Munchkin Cat Information

Unlike the common perception about them being lazy and laid-back cats, munchkin cats have proven themselves to be energetic, excited, and fast-paced cats. They like hanging out with their family and playing with their owners, other cats, and dogs. Other than the short legs, munchkin cats are like any other type of cat. They should be kept indoors to ensure their utmost security and safety from diseases and attacks.


Here are some fun facts about Munchkin Cats that a cat lover would want to know:

  • Height: 18-20 cm
  • Weight: 2.2-4 kg
  • Life span: 15 years
  • Coat: Medium-plush, a silky coat for a Munchkin Shorthair, and semi-long, silky coat for a Munchkin Long-hair.
  • Colors and Patterns: Calico, tortoiseshell, pointed, tuxedo, bicolor, and tabby.
  • Temperament: Munchkin Cats are active, playful, curious, fun-loving, intelligent, and gentle creatures.
  • The difficulty level of first-time owners: On the scale of increasing difficulty from 1-10 paws, Munchkin Cat receives 2/10 paws according to many Munchkin Cat owners' feedback. According to their testimony, the Munchkin Cats provides easy trainability for first-time owners. People who plan to adopt a cat for the first time with no prior experience of owning a cat before can also consider getting a munchkin cat because of their unique personality. They do not cause much trouble to their owners, and that's why they are a perfect fit for first-time owners. The difficulty level of first-time owners: On the scale of increasing difficulty from 1-10 paws

Munchkin Cat History

Since the 1940s, short-legged cats have appeared in the news and documents. The British veterinary noted four generations of cats with short legs in 1944. These cats were similar to normal cats other than their legs. In 1956, a similar type of short-legged cats was found in Russia and then in the United States, later in the 1970s. The ever cat show featured a munchkin cat was held by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1991. So far, this breed has only been recognized by the TICA and the South Africa Cat Council.

As the munchkin cat sprang from a genetic mutation, there is a conflict of interest among the pedigree cat breeders about genetic mutations potentially harmful to the cats. As per the cat protection and policy director, Katie Lasnik, continuing breeding the cats to get exaggerated physical features.


Are Munchkin Cats Good Pets?

They are said to have an easy-going temperament. munchkin cats are intelligent, which makes Munchkin Cat trainability an effortless task. They are also active and can play with your family and other pets alike in the house. Moreover, munchkin cat's personality is impressive. Hence, they respond exceptionally well to handling. To keep them safe and secure, they should be kept indoors with their favorite humans and food. They make excellent family pets, and people love having them around.


Are Munchkin Cats HDB Approved?

People living in Singapore would know the struggles of getting an HDB Approved pet. It is illegal to keep any pet if it's not HDB approved. HDB stands for Housing and Development Board. It decides which pets are acceptable to be kept at home or in flats.

Unfortunately, cats are not approved to be kept in Singapore apartments.


Are Munchkin Cats High Maintenance?

Munchkins are not high maintenance cats. They can be groomed easily. The ones with short coats require brushing once a week. To prevent tangles and mats, it's better to brush them twice a week. Furthermore, ear cleaning and nail trimming are also important to keep munchkin cats from diseases.


Are Munchkin Cats Aggressive?

No. Munchkin Cats are not at all aggressive; they are quite the opposite. They are adorable and sweet. They are social and enjoy going out with their family and playing games. As they are intelligent, you can also challenge their intellectual capabilities by introducing mind games.


Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

Even though Munchkin Cats are not known to be hypoallergenic, it is, however, possible that they will produce less dander. Hence, they are more likely to be shed moderately compared to other breeds. Furthermore, if you want to adopt a Munchkin, you need to ensure that your family is not seriously allergic to cats.


What Are Some Health Issues that Munchkin Cats Face?

All breeds of cats are prone to develop some health issues. Munchkin Cat's short legs are considered deformity and are directly connected to bone and spinal problems. The following disorders are common among Munchkin Cats and kittens:

  • Hyperthyroidism: It is a disease caused by hormonal imbalance.
  • Uremia, also known as kidney disorder
  • Pancreatitis: it is an inflammation caused in the pancreas of cats.
  • Feline lower urinary tract disease.
  • Lymphosarcoma: It is a widespread cancer among several breeds of cats as well as dogs.

Types of Munchkin Cats:

According to their leg length, Munchkin Cats are of three types:

  • Standard
  • Super-short
  • Rug-hugger

What are Popular Mixed Breeds with Munchkin Cats?

Munchkins have been cross-bred with other breeds to produce mixed-breeds. These breeds are:

  • The Sukoom: A cross of a Munchkin and a curly-coated LaPerm.
  • Minskin and Bambino: A cross of a Munchkin and hairless Sphynx.
  • Lambkin: A cross of a Munchkin and a Selkirk Rex.
  • Napoleon: A cross of a Munchkin and the Persian breed group (including Exotic and Himalayans Shorthair)
  • Kinkalow: A cross of a Munchkin and curled-eared American Curl.
  • Scottish Kitts: A cross of a Munchkin and a folded-eared Scottish Fold.
  • Genetta: A cross of a Munchkin and Bengal.


Munchkin Cats have a sweet personality which is why they make great companions. Like any other cat breed, Munchkins are also curious and playful in nature. They like to play with their families but they cannot jump as high as other cats. Being a clever breed, Munchkins like hunting for food and keeping it in a secret place where no one can reach except them. Even though Munchkins are low-maintenance breeds, they deserve our best efforts to give them everything they need and want.

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