Malaysian Dog Show Rules

Malaysian Dog Show Rules

We all swear on our very lives that our doggos are the absolute best. The most talented, the smartest, the goodest bois and gals. However, most of us are content just  saying it in conversations or in lengthy Instagram captions while others are willing to go the extra mile to show everybody how fur-tastic their puppers are. How do they do this? Dog shows! Dog shows are a place where owners can flex their dog’s fabulous talents, smarts and looks with a chance of being rewarded. Just like human beauty pageants, dog shows have their own set of rules. So for those of you who plan on sharing the sweet sight of your precious pooch, this one’s for you!

So what kind of dog shows are there anyway? Currently, there are 3 main competitions. Let’s break those down, shall we?

  • Conformation Dog Shows
  • Championship Shows: Though there are restrictions to the number of dogs that can partake in this competition, there may be a restriction on what breeds are allowed participation. In this dog show, The Malaysian Kennel Association’s Challenge Certificate (CC) counting towards the title of the Malaysian Champion may be awarded.
  • Open Shows: there are limits for the number of exhibitors and the types of breeds allowed to participate in the competition. CC’s are not awarded in this competition.
  • Limit Shows: CC’s are not awarded and dogs that have won CC’s are not permitted to enter this show. Limit Shows can be limited in multiple ways other than the breed or number of dogs. Some of these restrictions include dogs’ of the Association’s members and residents of a specified area.
  • Exemption Shows: These shows are pretty chill. Though no CC’s will be awarded, these shows are exempt by the Association of one or more of the dog show rules.
  • Matches: No restrictions are in place as for the number of doggos that are welcomed to compete. However, furbabies below the age of 6 months and CC-holding dogs are also not allowed to participate. Just like Limit Shows, Matches can be confined or limited in any way, according to the discretion of the Association.


  • Dog Sports Trials

The following are Trials open to all exhibitors that qualify for the various classes and courses offered by The Malaysian Kennel Association. Certificates are awarded for each sport:

  • Obedience Trials
  • Agility Trials
  • Dances with Dogs Trials
  • Rally Obedience Trials
  • IPO Trials
  • Any Other Canine Sport


  • Grooming Certification

Open to exhibitors that qualify for the classes and courses offered by the Association. A Grooming Certificate will be awarded.


Next, the general rules.

  • Indemnity of The Association and Show Officials:

An exhibitor shall hold the Association, Affiliate Clubs or person assigned to hold an event and its officers and officials harmless and indemnified against all claims demands suits actions proceedings damages expenses and costs (including legal costs) arising from or relating to such loss or damage

  • Contagious Diseases:

Your pooch must not be infected with contagious diseases will be barred from competing.


  • Alteration of Teeth

Owners that aspire to enter their furbaby inti any of the competitions by the Association cannot have their dogs’ teeth artificially altered or implanted.


  • Ownership of Dog by Judge

The dog must not have been registered or recorded as owned or co-owned by the Judge within the period of 180 days prior to the show, except that this shall not apply when the Judge is appointed in an emergency.


  • Socialising & Contacting The Judge

An exhibitor is not allowed to socialise or entertain the judge in any way other than the time of the official show as to not influence the decision of the judge. After the appointment of the judge, the exhibitor is not to contact the judge by any means.


  • Use of Paraphernalia in the Ring

Competitors are not to wear any attire that displays the name of any kennel association, dog club, sponsor (except for the show’s official sponsor) unless given official, written permission by The Malaysian Kennel Association. Name tags indicating that one is an official committee of the Association is also not permitted.


  • Animal Abuse

Any perceived signs of animal abuse must be immediately reported, especially physical abuse, negligence, excessive discipline of a dog and other actions that can be harmful to the wellbeing of the dog.


  • Misconduct

Exhibitors are to behave appropriately in the manner of a  sportsperson. Any sabotage, embarrassment, slander, disparage whatsoever towards the judge or other exhibitors will not be tolerated.


  • Abusive Verbal Behaviour

Insulting, slurs, aggressive or threatening language used against other exhibitors, show officials, staff and Association will not be tolerated either. 


  • Dishonesty

Dishonest acts  like deceit or fraud in, about or in connection to the show will put the offender under penalty according to The Malaysian Kennel Association’s rules.


  • Use of Prohibited Substances/Drugs

Dogs will undergo a swab test to test to check for any use of such substances. The cost of the test is covered by the Association. However, owners of dogs that test positive will have to repay the Association for the cost of the test and will be suspended, forfeited from their win and award and will be deregistered from the show. Dogs of owners that refuse to undergo the test will also be suspended and deregistered.


  • Random Checking of Microchips

Dogs, at any point of the competition, will have their microchips scanned. If the information or number on the chip is not of a registered dog or if the owner refuses to have the chip scanned, any prizes won will be forfeited and the pupper and owner in question will be suspended.


  • Aggressive Dogs

It is the sole responsibility of the owners to keep their dogs tamed and well behaved. If any fights or attacms were to take place, the owner is independently responsible to break or stop the attack. The Association provides no such equipment or service for this situation. Dogs that display such behaviours towards humans or dogs during the event will be  suspended from participation of the event.


Finally, protests and participation of other unknown shows or competition prior to current events is not permitted.


Show-goers and dreamers, if you’ve been looking for a sign to show off your furbabies, this is it! May you and your pupper grace the audience with your paw-digious performance.



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