List Of Dog Training Services In Malaysia

List Of Dog Training Services In Malaysia

List Of Dog Training Services In Malaysia

Well-behaved pets are a joy to share your life with - and this is one of the reasons why you need to train your dog. Training our dogs should be number one priority when we have decided to own a new furry family member. Dog training can improve the life of your dog, reduce and eliminate behaviour issues, strengthen your bond together and create a fun, enjoyable activity for you to share. It's a fun and rewarding part of owning a dog! However, dog training is a challenging task for some owners. They may experience dog behavioural problems - and this is why they need to seek professional help. Having your dog professionally trained is rewarding for you, your dog and people who interact with your dog - it brings huge benefits for everyone! Here is the list of dog training services in Malaysia. They are presented in alphabetical order.

1.Knine Professional Dog Services

Founded by Dave Teoh, Knine Professional Dog Services is one of the Malaysia strongest leading dog training services' company that provides a unique concept in animal care, dog psychology training and dog training. Dave Teoh is the youngest certified professional dog trainer in Malaysia that trained by a German named Juergen Knobel and years later he further up his training session with Cesar Millan at USA. Knine Professional Dog Services make sure your dog is well-behaved and well trained as they have in-depth, wide-ranging experience and expertise in dog training. What's most important is that they handle and train all sizes of dogs with different behaviours. They provide a wide range of services, including hosue call dog training services, obedience training, guard dog training, dog behaviour training, dog trainer's academy, security dog service and relocation service. Contact: 010-2255319 Email: Website: Knine Professional Dog Services Facebook: Knine Professional Dog Services

2.Puppycom Dog Training School

Puppycom Dog Training School provides professional training for adult dogs and puppies as young as three months of age. Their services include dog obedience, dog agility, potty training, one-to-one training, dog tricks training, Canine Good Citizen Program, dog fly ball training and clicker training. Apart from the above, they also provide training and socialization course for dogs with aggression issues. They have three centres which are situated at Puncak Jalil, Ampang and Taman Desa. Price: Starts from RM 400 Location: 11 Jalan PUJ 3/12, Taman Puncak Jalil, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan 43300 Contact: 019-3256289 Email: Website: Puppycom Dog Training School Facebook: Puppycom Dog Training School

3.Puppy Training School

Located at Jaya One, Puppy Training offers training for puppies, adult dogs and graduates. Their professional team made up of three trainers - Richard, Rubini and Gemma. For puppy training, the service package includes socialization, house training, biting and handling, manners and control, walking on a loose leash and household training. On the other hand, the adult dog training service package consists of basic obedience via focus work, advanced manners, controlled walking, behaviour modification and problem solving. Price: Starts from Rm 300 Location: The School by Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya Contact: 017-3315069 Email: Website: Puppy Training School Facebook: MY Puppy Training

4.Saharikenn K9 Centre

Specializing in a broad spectrum of security services to suit almost any need, Saharikenn K9 is a registered company which are 100% guaranteed to meet the needs and expectations of their clients. Their main specialty is the training and supplying highly trained personal or family protection dogs that will guard and protect you and your family ones in all situations. Their professionally trained and accredited, Dog and Handler teams are trained to deal with almost any situation. Their services include: obedience training, protection training, dog boarding, importing dogs and guard dog for hire. Price: Starts from RM 2800 Location: No.20 Road 1A/71G, Jalan Carey, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 46000 Contact: 019-3276464 Email: Website: Saharikenn K9 Centre Facebook: Saharikenn K9 Centre

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