List of Cat Shelters in Malaysia

List of Cat Shelters in Malaysia

There are lots of stray cats outside who don't have loving homes and the majority of them are doomed to a life of hardship, sickness or even death. Luckily, there are many animal rescue organizations and animal shelters in Malaysia being established to help the abandoned and sick animals. Here’s a list of cat shelters in Malaysia that you can support through volunteer work, donations, fostering and adoptions:


Cat Shelters in Malaysia

1. Katzen Cat Sanctuary, Selangor

Established in 2011, Katzen is truly a cat sanctuary built by two cat-loving sisters. Suraya and Shariza, the founders currently care for around 80 rescued felines in their shelter. Their end goal is to have a large plot of land where the cats can run free and not be confined to a small cage, as is the current situation.

Address: No 27-G Jalan Nautika B U20/B, Pusat Komersil TSB, 40160 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Facebook: Katzen Cat Sanctuary


2. Cat Beach Sanctuary, Penang

The Cat Beach Sanctuary in Penang is a no-kill shelter for homeless cats rescued from desperate situations. This shelter is totally relies on public donations to help feed, vaccinate, spay, and cover medical care for their rescue cats. Those rescued cats are nursed back to health, vaccinated and neutered to be ready for adoption.

Address: 778 Jalan Teluk Awak, MK 2, Teluk Bahang 11050, Penang
Website: Cat Beach Penang
Facebook: Cat Beach Penang


3. Meowy Cat Shelter, Penang

Founded in 2014 by Pauline, the Meowy Cat Shelter is a loving home for handicapped, injured, abused and abandoned kittens and cats. Adopting a cat, volunteering at the shelter and donations are great ways to support Meowy Cat Shelter.

Address: Balik Pulau, Penang
Website: Meowy Pet Shelter
Facebook: Meowy Pet Shelter


4. Dato’ Shamsiah Cat Shelter Park, Pahang

Known as “Catman”, Tengku Lukman has founded this no-kill, cageless cat shelter park in Pekan, Pahang. His mission is to save and protect stray and abandoned cats.The park currently houses around 150 cats and other animals including dogs, chickens, and geese. The founder and volunteers regularly visit neighbouring areas to rescue cats, especially during times of flooding or heavy rain.

Facebook: Dato’ Shamsiah Cat Shelter Park


5. S.I Home Shelter

S.I (Seroja Inn)  Home Shelter now houses more than 600 cats and 12 dogs. It is a non-profit, independent animal shelter that was founded in 2012 by Muhamad Razeef bin Che Shamah. The team aims to provide care for injured and abused animals. Most of their rescued cats are suffer from serious health problems such as infected by viruses or carry fungal infections. They rely heavily on public contributions.

Facebook: S.I Home Shelter

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