Interesting Facts About Cat Paws

Interesting Facts About Cat Paws

Cats are adorable in a million different ways, including their paws! If you look closely at your cat’s paws, you will discover that they truly are quite amazing. A cat’s paws are irresistable to any cat lover. Your cat's furry feet are certainly adorable, those charming paws also have serious jobs to do that incrase the odds of survival. They are crucial tools for hunting and grooming - they do much more than being fluffy, soft and spongy! There are some interesting tidbits of information that you may not know about your cat's paws. Here is the list of intersting facts about cat paws. interesting-facts-about-cat-paws

1. Cat Paws Are Sensitive

Did you know your cat feels vibrations and gravity through their paws? Their paw pads contain large concentrations of nerve receptors which provide balance for cats but are also hunting aids. Due to these receptors, cats can feel the texture of the ground, vibrations and gravity through their paws. However, sensitivity comes at a cost. Cat's paw pads are very sensitive to temperature, pressure and pain. The soft pads are not insulated and can be severely injured by frozen sidewalks, hot pavements and ragged surfaces.



2. Purrfect Grooming Tools

Paws and fore legs are purrfect little grooming tools. They can help cats to clean those hard to reach areas behind ears, under chins, on necks and faces.



3. Cats Have Dominant Paws

Like humans, cats have dominant "hands". When performing difficult tasks, male cats generally use their right paws, while female cats use their left paws.



4.High Flexibility

Cat paws are incredibly flexible. They can bend and turn to help cats climb trees and do hunting job. Cats are great tree climbers as their front paws are designed to turn inward in order to sink claws into branches. Their paws help them to maintain stability too.



5.Shock Absorbers

Paws are the primary shock absorbers. Paw pads soften landings when cats jump and walk on rough ground. Those soft pads also help cats move and hunt silently.



6.A Cooling System

Do cats sweat? Yes, cats actually sweat through their paw pads. Their paws are a cooling system that helps to keep them from over-heating on hot days. If cats are frightened or stressed, they will sweat from their paws.



7.Cat Paw Colours Vary

Paw pads come in colours that match the cat's fur patterns and colours. A white one will usually have light pink pads, while a ginger cat’s paw pads will be pinky orange in colour. A black cat usually has black pads and a grey cat will usually have grey pads.



8. Cats Use Paws To Communicate

Paw pads have scent glands - this is why cats love to scratch things and scrape areas after they’ve urinated. They use their paws to mark their territories and broadcast information about themselves.
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