How to Use A Dog Collar

How to Use A Dog Collar

No doubt that a good collar is important, but even a good collar is useless if not worn properly. Wearing a collar too tightly or too loosely on your furry friend can reek havoc for both of you. Therefore, to make sure your doggo is safe, we are here to give you a few tips and snippets of how to use a collar.

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Let’s start with the basics: where does a collar go? A dog collar goes around your dog’s neck, the same way a belt goes around your waist. Buckle collars are worn just like a watch or a belt as well. Just put the collar through the loop and then put the hook through one of the size-holes. 

Remember when you were in school and you had to wear a tie with your shirt buttoned up all the way to your neck? Remember how that felt? Uncomfortable? Stuffy? Choking? Could barely move your head? Well, that’s exactly how a dog would feel if you put a collar on too tight. Only for a dog, it could cause a heap of other problems like trachea damage and collar chafing. Therefore, make sure the collar is well-fitted. If a collar can move around your doggo’s neck, then you’re good to go. Another tip is to try and put your fingers between your dog’s collar and neck. If two or three fingers can fit  then the collar is both secure and loose around your dog’s neck. However, make sure the collar is not too loose. Otherwise, your little pooch would just remove it. This is risky in case your dog goes missing. Without a collar, it would be all the harder for you two to reunite. 

Lastly, can a collar be washed? That depends on the material. A nylon collar can be washed, both by hand and in a washing machine. If you’re washing it by hand, use warm water in a basin with dish soap and soak it for 5-10 minutes. Nylon stains and easily collects dirt. Rub the nylon together to remove dirt, dust and stains. Throw out the murky water and thoroughly rinse the collar. Lay it out flat to dry. You can also do this in a sink. For a machine-wash, put it in a delicate garment laundry bag. With all purpose soap, throw it in the machine for a good wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. Once it’s done, lay it out flat to dry. It is not advisable to wash leather or metal collars. Most leather collars are not water proof or water resistant. Washing them in water could weaken or even break them. As for metal collars, they may rust. If any rusty, sharp edges pierce your dog, it can lead to tetanus. Yes, furbabies can also be affected by tetanus. However, you can keep these collars clean by wiping them down. If your metal collars start to change colour, you can easily restore it to its beautiful, shiny glory by rubbing some tamarind on it. The acidity of the tamarind acts as somewhat of a polish to bring back the shine in metals, especially metals like copper and silver.

We hope these last few tips on dog collars help you out, especially the new dog owners, we see you! Finding a good collar may seem troublesome, but we assure you that if you follow the tips in this article and the few that came before, it will be a walk in the park (see what we did there?)! 

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