How to Spend Christmas with Your Pet in Malaysia 2019

How to Spend Christmas with Your Pet in Malaysia 2019

Searching ideas on how to spend Christmas with your furkid? Holiday season is always fun for the whole family. Planning ahead with pet-friendly activities can be good for both humans and pets. Here are a few ideas to include your pet in the holiday festivities. If you have any ideas to contribute, we'd love to hear them in the comments below!


  1. Bring Your Pet as Your Shopping Buddy

A trip with you is always a treat for your furkid. Shopping malls like Jaya One are pet-friendly – you are allowed to bring your furkid with you as you shop! And don’t fur-get his leash or furbaby stroller. Be considerate of other shoppers by keeping your furkid on a leash and under your supervision at all times.

If going out shopping is too much for you, check out PerroMart. Our online store has everything you could want this holiday season. Get the perfect Christmas gift for your pet today!


  1. Fill Your Pet’s Stockings

Gifts shouldn’t just be for hoomans! Don’t leave your furkid out on the gift giving this year. Add some fun to your furkid’s life by giving him designated stockings that you can fill with accessories, toys, and treats. Christmas is a great time to stock up on all your pet’s favourite treats and toys. A special toy, a new collar and edible treats are popular pet presents. Explore our Santa-approved collections now!


  1. Throw a Paw-ty at Your House

Pamper your furkid this holiday season with a party guaranteed to make his tail wag. Christmas parties are great ways to get pawrents and furkids together to celebrate the holiday season. Have human guests bring homemade pet treats and have a pet treat “cookie” exchange. And don’t forget to dress the furballs up in holiday outfits to get them in the holiday mood!


  1. Attend Christmas Event

Launch your Christmas holiday season with your furkid at a pet-friendly event. Check out some of these events.

A Christmas party especially for dogs is taking place in Penang this month! The event is being hosted by Animal Protection and Welfare Association (IAPWA), a registered society under Registrar of Society, Malaysia. It is one of the many projects worldwide in collaboration with government authorities.

The pet-friendly Christmas event is at the Furbaby in Penang on Saturday, December 21 from 7pm till 10.30pm. Tickets cost RM50 with one dog per person.

    The pet-friendly Christmas event is being held at Woof Woof Cafe on Saturday, December 21. There will be a host of events and activities including: dog fashion show and gift exchange session. 


    1. Baking and Cooking

    What could be more exciting for your furkid than if you were to include him in a special Christmas meal? A huge part of the Christmas season is sharing delicious food with our beloved family and friends. Make sure you cook pet-friendly recipes to ensure you don’t feed your furkid anything he shouldn’t be eating.

    Check out these pet-friendly Christmas recipes!

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